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Meet Our Practitioners

Behind Family 1st Primary Care is a focused team of practitioners who seek to educate and empower patients to be active participants in their healthcare. Using their combined experience of 50 years in healthcare Shannon Jaramillo FNP, Mike Frost, FNP, Reneallia Bennett, FNP, Holly Allred, FNP, Teri Sweginnis, FNP and John Iverson, PA-C, lead an effective, proven practice while addressing every patient’s concern. Their practice begins with listening, creates understanding, empowers patients and enables healthy living.

Doctor comforting patient by holding hand

Why We Stand Out

"Our patients often refuse to see other providers, not because we know something other providers don't, but because we truly listen to their concerns. They recognize the importance of the compassion that we show, the quality of care they receive, and appreciate being treated with dignity and respect."

- Family 1st

What We Do

  • Treat patients with sound, evidence-based practices for reliable results.
  • Offer cautious and effective care to ensure all patients receive the right treatment for their needs, and are only prescribed expensive medications when absolutely necessary.
  • Pay close attention to and encourage patients to get recommended health-related screenings.
  • Provide prompt walk-in care to accommodate patients who have scheduling conflicts or are otherwise unable to make an appointment.
  • Create a convenient experience for all patients with their overall healthcare needs in mind.